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Downloadble WoW resources

Download and print these amazing resources for running WoW events and activities


Theme your events with these colourful Wow flags

A4 Concertina Brochure

A pocket sized wellbeing tip sheet to inspire healthy habits

T-shirt/Bag Logo
Screenshot 2024-05-16 at

Create your own stylish WoW T-shirts or bags

Chatter box

Print out these great chatter boxes

Playing the DIY Happiness game is a great way to get people of all ages talking about well-being. The game is based on the Wheel of Well-being and uses a series of ‘tips’ cards that players share and trade to collect a full set! It’s been played by thousands of people in schools, offices, hospitals, community cafes, parks, parties and businesses from London  to Brisbane and many places in between! And you can download the game for free.

The Happiness Game!

Game board
Tip Cards
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