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Anthea Cooke


Anthea has worked for over 30 years in the arena of health promotion and public health in and with the NHS, Local, Regional and National Government, Voluntary Sector, Academia and International collaborations. She is an independent practitioner and enjoys working in collaboration with a range of organisations and colleagues. She has a Masters in Health and Social Policy and is a trained Business and Personal Coach. Her main skills and experience are in health and mental well-being impact assessment, evaluation, training, facilitation and coaching, healthy policy development to reduce health inequalities.

​Anthea has a range of values which inform her work including a strong belief in individual and groups achieving their full potential, in fairness, justice and integrity. She is particularly interested in promoting and protecting mental wellbeing for people as individuals, parents, in the workplace, members of communities and other settings. She is proud to be one of the lead authors of Mental Well-being Impact Assessment (MWIA): A Toolkit for Wellbeing (2011). She has co-developed and led the delivery of MWIA training programmes as well as delivering MWIA Screening or Comprehensive level consultancy.

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