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Community Gardening



A compelling body of international evidence links our happiness with longer more fulfilling lives, better mental and physical health, stronger relationships and a range of other psychological, social and economic benefits. Building the understanding, knowledge and capacity of people to look after their mental health and wellbeing creates sustainable, thriving organisations and communities.

You can take FREE online training below or visit our Learn to Thrive page to discover how we can help you build the wellbeing literacy of your people and communities.


Body. Mind. Spirit. People. Place. Planet.

Thrive is proud to have been commissioned by Implemental to develop a FREE online introduction to well-being training using the innovative Wheel of Well-being framework.

Welcome to the Wheel of Well-being (WoW) framework. If you’re interested in health and happiness – from a personal or a professional perspective – we hope you’ll find this FREE online course a great place to start.

WoW Your School

Embed WoW into Teaching Practice

Teachers trained in Wheel of Wellbeing have been adapting the resources and activities for schools. WoW has been used to embed positive mental health wellbeing into the curriculum with amazing results.    Watch the pupils at North Arms State school talking about how their nature projects support mental health and wellbeing

"The capacity to draw on existing evidence-based resources and integrate them into local contexts is a cost effective way to deliver positive mental health and wellbeing strategies to entire communities."
Lirata Independent Evaluation

If you would like Thrive to develop a bespoke well-being program for your organisation contact us 
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