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We evolved in tribes of 50 to 250, and in days gone by exclusion from the group significantly reduced our chances of survival.  Evolution has hardwired us to need social connections, and a this is still true today.  Closer relationships with frieds and familes can increase our ife expecatancy.  So start WWing people now.

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Disconnect to Reconnect

We use our devices for numerous reasons—some straightforward and practical, like using navigation apps, and others more psychologically complex, such as turning to social media to avoid loneliness and disconnection. However, the routine of checking texts, emails, and social media can quickly become a self-reinforcing pattern. A media fast can help break this habit. This activity aims to reduce our use of digital media and screens, encouraging us to spend more time noticing and connecting with the people and environment around us.

Discover Your Common Ground

"There is more that unites us than divides us"

 - Mauircio Macri

Sometimes, it can be challenging to connect with others, but you may be surprised at how much even very different people have in common. Discovering your common ground is a quick and easy activity that encourages people to talk, connect, and find shared interests.

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People Lucky Dip

This is a fun way to connect with people and find common ground with others, even if you've only just met.

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